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Yes, all Invoices and Proforma Invoices will be printed with a Dynamic PayNow QR Code.

Yes, we have. We are revamping it and should be up soon.

We have the answers for you: Click Here and Here (go to why us).

Dynamic PayNow QR code is unique to an Invoice. It will automatically link both the payer and payee corporate bank accounts, capture the invoice number and the amount to be paid to the payee.
Static QR code is a QR code with fixed information. It will not capture the invoice number, the amount automatically. So payer has to enter these information manually. Some system claimed to be providing the PayNow QR code which merely contain the Payee’s UEN Number which is totally useless for using PayNow.

It is SGD200,000 for most banks.

Standalone Accounting system is to help Accountants, not your business, period.

Standalone Accounting System is only a module functions of an ERP system. An ERP can provide functionality and value to your entire organization, whereas a standalone accounting solution is really just designed to be handling your accounting matters. Business data are interlinked. If you generate your invoices on spreadsheet/word, and pass them to your accounting service providers to transfer the data to an accounting system. The data are decoupled. It will create a lot of unnecessary dispute later. Highnix encourages all businesses to automate their process by using Highnix ERP because when the business grow, business owners could avoid issues that will arise when switching to another system. By using Highnix ERP from the beginning, business owners will avoid data transfer and incompatibility issues moving forward and the cost of operating a business will be greatly reduced.

Peppol E-invoice

Businesses or companies can register a Peppol ID at Highnix’s Peppol ID registration page and receive an E-Invoice Grant of $200 if the criteria is met. The payout will be paid directly to the corporate bank account via PayNow corporate. Please remember to link your corporate PayNow with your corporate bank account.

Highnix ERP will notify you with a notification prominently display on the user interface.

It is very simple. You can register your Peppol ID on Highnix web page at: https://www.highnix.com/peppol-einvoice-id-registration/ . It will take a few days and the Peppol ID will appear on the official Peppol Directory.

Peppol E-invoice provides seamless process for sending invoices to your customers directly from Highnix ERP system. No PDF, Email, transfer of Invoice data to portals are required. Just a click after the invoice is prepared. When receiving inbound invoices from your suppliers, Highnix ERP will help users to map the invoice details against the POs and GRNs. It reduce the workload and stress to the users.

The PEPPOL E-invoice is an invoice that can be generated, sent and processed digitally.  To generate an E-invoice, users prepare the invoices in Highnix ERP system or Accounting System as usual. But, instead of generate the invoice in PDF format, the system will sent the invoice to the recipient via the Peppol network with a click.  No PDF and Email to be generated. And no transferring of the invoice details to buyers’ portals are required.  It offers greater work efficiencies, productivity and better cash flow management to the users.  (More can be read from  IMDA website)

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online.

The nationwide E-Invoicing network is live on 9 January 2019 which is an extension of the International PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) network. (Source: IMDA)

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