Highnix ERP System

Yes, all Invoices and Proforma Invoices will be printed with a Dynamic PayNow QR Code.

Yes, we have. We are revamping it and should be up soon.

We have the answers for you: Click Here and Here (go to why us).

Dynamic PayNow QR code is unique to an Invoice. It will automatically link both the payer and payee corporate bank accounts, capture the invoice number and the amount to be paid to the payee.
Static QR code is a QR code with fixed information. It will not capture the invoice number, the amount automatically. So payer has to enter these information manually. Some system claimed to be providing the PayNow QR code which merely contain the Payee’s UEN Number which is totally useless for using PayNow.

It is SGD200,000 for most banks.

Accounting system is to help Accountants and Bookkeepers but not your business. Accounting System is part of ERP system and it will be efficient and productive when all the data and records from various departments are linked and coupled to provide management with Business information to make vital decisions.

Peppol E-invoice

Highnix ERP will notify you with a notification prominently display on the user interface.

Peppol E-invoice provides seamless process for sending invoices to your customers directly from Highnix ERP system. No PDF, Email, transfer of Invoice data to portals are required. Just a click after the invoice is prepared. When receiving inbound invoices from your suppliers, Highnix ERP will help users to map the invoice details against the POs and GRNs. It reduce the workload and stress to the users.

The PEPPOL E-invoice is an invoice that is completely generated, transmitted and processed digitally with little to no manual processing. It is created digitally in a supplier’s financial system, transmitted electronically through the network to the recipient (buyer) where it is processed automatically, offering the ability of greater digital efficiencies and better cash flow for suppliers.  (Source:  IMDA website)

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online.

The nationwide E-Invoicing network is live on 9 January 2019 which is an extension of the International PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) network. (Source: IMDA)

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