Peppol E-Invoice Grant of $200 is given to companies who register their Peppol ID here.

Free Peppol ID Registration for Corporate and Business Owners

The form below is for Peppol ID registration.  Please fill in the company's information accordingly and ensure that the information entered is correct.  It is free to register for a Peppol ID, and free to maintain as well.

Terms and Conditions for $200 E-Invoice Grant can be found here: IMDA E-invoice Grant.

After registering, you can go to this Peppol ID directory page about 2 weeks later to check if your ID is created.

Important: Please ensure that your PayNow Corporate is linked to your corporate bank account and the UEN is without the suffix. (such as "001","002" as shown below.)  If there is, please unlink your UEN and relink it without the suffix.









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