Business Management Solutions

Key Features
  • Available in Cloud server or Local server installations and are portable.
  • For Cloud server: Hassle free access from anywhere, anytime, any smart devices, PCs, Mac, Tablets (Surface/ Mac/Android)
  • Multiple locations, user access control
  • No additional software or hardware required
  • Data can be backed up automatically or manually
  • Languages Currently Support: English, Chinese (Simplified). Future: Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Thai
  • No IT personnel is required
  • User friendly interface
  • 24/7 availability
Low Cost, Efficient and Robust

In the past, Enterprise Resource Planning systems are out of reach to many SMEs as the cost to own or use them are very high.  Now, we made it very affordable to SMEs and even Micro Enterprises.  Our systems are structured by functions and are in modular.  It is functional rich and most functions found in the premium ERP systems can also be found in Highnix ERP system.  It will help companies to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Simple, Ease of Use

We know that resources of a company should be used for generating revenues and profits. Our solutions are simple, user friendly and easy to deploy. A series of pre-defined reports and generate vital information for executives to make business decision are available. All transactions and report generations are menu driven with user friendliness. The solutions also simplify GST preparation at each of every quarter. So long as the data are entered correctly, a click of a button will allow the customers to know the amount due to the tax authorities. No tedious computations or manual calculations are required.

Instance Access. Any Time, Any Where

While other low cost solution providers promised you that you could access your system any time and any where when you travel. What they did not tell is you need to keep your server switched on and install third party software.  These third party network software is very costly and you need to know how to change the technical settings at different locations when you travel in order to access to the system.  Highnix cloud ERP systems use ordinary web browser to access, login and use.  No third party software is required.

Automatic Data Backup and Ability To Restore The Data

Users may not see the importance of the ability to restore their own data without technical personnel assistant.  Not able to restore their own data is as good as no data backup.  Some of the systems come with backup module but it requires technically trained person to restore their backup data.  Highnix provides a simple, quick and effective way for users to back up and restore their own data with a few clicks of the mouse.  Users can also subscribe to our 3 times a day automatic data backup.

Upgrade and Expand

Like other systems, our ERP system can be upgraded and expanded. For some systems, upgrade means a total change of the system and users have to go through training and retraining.  What makes us different is, our systems used by Micro Enterprises and new start up can be upgraded seamlessly to our highest end system when their businesses are expanded.  Only training for new modules are required.  It will save significant implementation and deployment cost.