We offer a variety of business solutions: Low cost ERP Software, Accounting System, and other business solutions.

Highnix Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

SMEs, be it large or new start up, should jump start with ERP System and not resort to an Accounting System.  An Accounting System will have a lot of issues when the business grow.  We have created the ERP systems for all SMEs, including new start up and Micro Enterprises.  It can be upgraded and scaled up to our full fledged ERP system seamlessly when their business grow.


Highnix Enhanced Inventory and Sales Management

The system is created for companies where their priority is to better manage their inventory.   While inventory is linked to cost of goods, inventory assets, we therefore include modules necessary to link the sales, purchase and finance such that inventory movements can be properly tracked and recorded.  This system can be upgraded to our ERP system without having to buy new.

Highnix Business ERP System

This is an entry grade ERP system created for new startup or micro enterprises where their number of transactions is low.  It is important to know that Income statement for tax purpose must be accurate.  Let our system handle the accounting to avoid unnecessary mistakes which can be very costly to rectify.  Business owners and staffs should concentrate in growing their business. 

HR, Payroll, Claim, Timeclock etc...

HR, Payroll, Timeclock, Leave management etc can be quite complex due to the government regulations and laws.  We have adopt the strategy to partner with reliable service providers in this area of services.   We leave these to the experts.  We have integrated their solutions so as to save cost for our customers.

F&B Online Ordering (Foodo)

This is designed and created for F&B (restaurants and central kitchen businesses).  It includes an online system and mobile Apps.  It helps F&B owners to expand their sales by digitising their business and put their ordering, payment, and delivery processes online.  Promotion and advertisements messages can be push to the apps simultaneously.  Apps are included and business owners do not need to pay for exorbitant development cost. 

Retail Order System

This system is created for retail businesses.   Escalating rental cost greatly reduce retailers and distributors' net incomes.   Business owners can now expand their business digitally and reach out to more buyers.  It allows customers to order goods, make payment online.  Delivery partners have tied with us to help in deliveries and owners can just focus on running their business.

CRM With E-commerce Functions

An easy to use cloud based CRM system coupled with E-commerce functions allow SMEs to build customer relation while selling products.  The sales data can be piped to the back end Highnix ERP system for billings, inventory management and accounting purposes.


Highnix POS Software

This system is ideal for Small retail shop, food store, mini-mart owners.   The system is easy to setup, operate and manage.  It helps business owners to manage the cash collection and cashless payments.   No business owners shall pay a few thousand dollars just to get a software runs on a windows machine.  


10 Reasons why Highnix is your preferred choice...

Met Stringent Standards - It Is Compliant with Regulatory Standards

It is extremely painful and costly for companies to rectify non-compliant with the government regulations or laws.  Business owners or Directors may subject to criminals charge and hefty fine.    Highnix ERP system key and integrated modules such as  Accounting, Payroll, Leave modules met the stringent Singapore IRAS E-tax guides, MOM and ACRA requirements.   It is one of the software listed on IRAS' website. 

Highnix Systems APIs Are Ready to Integrate With 3rd Party's Apps

Our ERP System comes with APIs (plugs) that can communicate with other non-Highnix products and they can exchange selected data so as to reduce the cost of customization.   Business owners have the options to choose for lowest cost solutions with APIs for their operation needs and we could make the data exchange possible.


PayNow, E-Invoicing

With the SME's digitalisation initiatives, Highnix systems now come with PayNow QR Code and Peppol E-Invoicing connections.   Invoices come with printed dynamic PayNow QR-code which automatically populate payment data on the invoice such as Invoice Number and amount along with the payment account.  It speeds up processing of payments and with the payment data, it will help the receiving party to track the payments.  Highnix system is also an authorised E-Invoicing (PEPPOL) connection point.  PEPPOL is a payment standard which will be used internationally for business.  It will help our customers to send and receive POs and Invoices electronically worldwide.

We Are With More than 100 Men-Years Of Accumulated Experience

Our products were created by a team of professionals with more than 100 men-years of accumulated experience and the systems had gone through very thorough functional tests and made tremendous improvements since it was first launch in 2011.  It is stable and robust.    You can be assured that all the business functions are interlinked correctly and the system put you and management team in better control of the business. 


Highnix ERP Systems come with Language-on-Demand Features

Users can switch the language interfaces at their wish.  Unlike other systems, they only provide and restrict a system to one language.  Our language translations are based on human translation and not web based automatic translation.   Therefore the translated language will be understood by the users.   This feature is very useful for SMEs with branches in other countries or users with different language proficiency. Current languages available:  Base language:  English, 简体中文,繁體中文, Bahasa Indonesia, 日本語.


Highnix ERP Is A Hybrid System: Cloud or On-Premises and Multi-OS Platform

This is one of the important features that comes with the system.   Highnix ERP is cloud based in design.  However if users prefer to have it installed on a in-house server, it can be done.  Our system can run on Linux, Windows and MacOS.   Linux is with much less risk of virus or malware attack.    Highnix systems can be accessed via mobile, tablets, PCs and any smart devices.


Enterprise Grade functions with SME Price: Low cost to acquire and maintain.

Implementation cost, long term cost of maintenance, security, ease of use and easy upgradable are the main considerations when we design the systems.  We do not compromise the functions and features for lowering the cost for ours customers.  Instead, we use the robust and powerful open source operation system, database and programming language to meet all these considerations.  There are 2 types of license plans:  Perpetual License and Subscription License.   Perpetual license allows customization and integration.  Subscription license fits companies with very tight budget.

We pave the paths for SMEs to digitise their business

More than 50% of the SMEs are still using spreadsheet and pass all their business transactions to accounting firm to sort out for them.  What many bosses who took this approach did not realise that they are in the mercy of a staff or a few staffs to run the business and collect payments.  Hopefully these staffs can work for them forever.  When staff leaves, it may be a major disruption to their operation. Operating in this mode would also limit the bosses' access to their financial status and health. With the built-in business frameworks, we are able to help the companies to reduce or eliminate the tedious work or staff turn over burdens and have better control and understanding of their business.


We Really Mean Customer Data Backup

A very critical issue which is commonly neglected by bosses:  Data Backup and Restore.   Many cloud based vendors told their customers they provide backup at least once per day.   Bosses should worry about this.  These vendors will only restore the data if their systems fail.  But this does not apply when your data are corrupted and you need a restore.  Whereas Highnix's "backup" really means user data backup.  Users can restore from their backup data base anytime.  Each of the customers hosted the ERP system with our cloud server will have their own storage space.  We do not mix your system with others.  That is to say, your database is dedicated only to you.   Please take note that integrated 3rd party modules may take a different approach.

Highnix Systmes Are Upgradable and Expandable

Upgrading and expanding a system capability could sometime mean a total change of an expensive system.   SMEs who are facing such issue, considering switching system or implementing new system should come to us.  Our systems cater for business expansion such that functional modules and user can be added as necessary without any disruptions to the business operations. 



What are our clients are saying about us?

Samueltek Electronics, Samuel Electronics Shenzhen Managing Director/Shenzhen, Singapore

Highnix has helped us to implement the cloud system which resolved our long term issues of tallying sales, purchase, inventory and accounting data at different offices. We have used it since 1 Jan 2014. Our sales offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore are now in sync. Thanks to Highnix.

-- Sean, Managing Director.

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