ERP and Accounting Systems with Peppol E-invoice

ERP System and Accounting System with Peppol E-Invoice

Highnix Accounting System is part of Highnix ERP system.  It is a full-fledged accounting system that has the Finance features and functions found in large systems.   It provides bookkeepers and Accountants with tools, processes, documents and functions to reduce their day-to-day workload and improve their productivity. It also automatically links all the relevant data from the supply chains for Accountants and Bookkeepers.   The relevant professionals and staffs users could therefore live a healthier and happier life.

Highnix ERP is a True Cloud based system with X.509 encryption.  It is a system that will not tie the customers down and restrict the grow and expansion of the customer's business.  Customers are free to choose the best front end applications to meet their specific needs.   The third party's applications can be integrated with Highnix ERP System using appropriate APIs.  It will save tremendous of cost in system upgrade and upscale when the business expand.

Highnix ERP is in the first batch of Peppol E-Invoice Ready Solution verified by IMDA. Using Highnix ERP, the customers are ready to connect to Peppol.  The system will Send, receive the invoices by a click. No more PDF, Email, manual matching are required.     The benefits using Peppol E-invoice can be found here.

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