Key Features:

  • Available in Cloud server or Local server installations and are portable.
  • For Cloud server: Hassle free access from anywhere, anytime, any smart devices, PCs, Mac, Tablets (Surface/ Mac/Android)
  • Multiple locations, user access control
  • No additional software or hardware required
  • Data can be backed up automatically or manually
  • Languages Currently Support: English, Chinese (Simplified).  Future: Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Thai
  • No IT personnel is required
  • User friendly interface
  • 24/7 availability

Product Packages:

  • Accounting System
  • Accounting System + HR/Payroll
  • Accounting System + OCR
  • Accounting System + POS
  • POS System


Low Cost, Efficient and Robust 

It is almost out of reach to many SMEs to acquire a business system that runs on network and support multiple users.  It is because this kind of systems are very expensive to implement, operate and maintain. Typically $200K to $1M has to set aside if a company were to implement such system. Today, we bring the hope to these SMEs.  Our simplified workflow solutions can be implemented with a very low cost. — Please contact our sales here.

Simple, Ease of Use

We know that resources of a company should be used for generating revenues and profits.  Our solutions are simple, user friendly and easy to deploy. A series of pre-defined reports and generate vital information for executives to make business decision are available.  All transactions and report generations are menu driven with user friendliness.  The solutions also simplify GST preparation at each of every quarter.  So long as the data are entered correctly, a click of a button will allow the customers to know the amount due to the tax authorities. No tedious computations or manual calculations are required.

Instance Access.  Any Time, Any Where

While other low cost solution providers promised you that you could access your accounting system any time and any where when you travel.  What they did not tell you is you need to install and configure third party software and you need to know how to change the technical settings at different locations when you travel in order to access to the system.  It will certainly frustrating if you cannot get yourself connected and sometime this may cause major loss in opportunities.

 Automatic Data Backup

Customers may not see the importance of carrying out backup and the ability to restore the data. Some of the systems may come with backup module but it requires multiple steps to complete the process and provide you with backup data in some forms of spreadsheet that may not be easily restored in the event of disaster.  And many may not even know how to install the system and restore the data.  Our customer can subscribe to our automatic data backup services.  Customer can also perform their own ad-hoc backup at a click of a button.  


Many people concern about security and abuse of data stored in cloud servers. In our solution, there are multi-layers of security protection against accessing of the data.  The programs and data are stored separately and each of the individual area required respective programs and database interactions and passwords authentication in order for the data to be accessed.  Furthermore, all the passwords are encrypted.  Put it simply, if anyone take possession of the data but without the programs, the data are just a chunk of alphabets and numbers that make no sense.