Professional Setup Services


  • Installing and setup of the system.
  • There is no recurring charge.  Once the system is setup and the system is running, the service is deemed completed.
  • This setup service is provided remotely and online.  Site visit is available only within Singapore.
  • Configure the system for use.


Let us help you systematically setup, transfer your existing data that are relevant to the use of Highnix system and configure the system for you.   You do not need to worry about porting the data.

Additional information

For Who?

For any customers who start using our system but need support in configure the system.

How long it takes to configure the system?

We need the data and information about the company. Once the data and information is provided to us, we can complete the setup and configuration within 3 days.

Is there any future support?

Yes, customer can subscribe to our support and services.

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