ERP System

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System consist a full-fledged accounting system, Sales, Purchase and Work Order based manufacturing and BOM modules designed with user friendly interfaces. With minimum accounting background, the users can easily navigate through the menu driven interfaces and use the system at ease.  Reports are ready to be generated any time with a few clicks. These reports include Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, GST/VAT, Customer Balances, Sales Summary Report, Aged Customer Analysis, Inventory reports and supplier reports. Customised reports can be created upon request.

Unique Functions and Features

PayNow QR Code

Highnix systems generated invoices include the dynamic PayNow QR code automatically.  The contents of the QR code change according to the Invoice payment data.  It ties to the company's bank account and payments received will be deposited to the bank accounts with the references for easy tracking.  It lowers the cost of processing the payments for both customers and vendors.

PEPPOL E-Invocing

This is the international E-invoicing system which is adopted world wide including the Singapore Government.  Highnix is an authorised POPPOL connection point.  The system can be used to process not just invoices but also Purchase Orders from customers.


Highnix supports Language-on-demand, a feature which rarely found in any ERP systems.  This feature allows users to switch among different language interface.  It is very helpful for companies who employ staffs know only a certain languages such as Chinese.  While it is on one language, the invoices or delivery documents can be printed on another language as specified by the users.  For example, the users who use the Chinese interface can print the Sales Invoice in English.

Integration with third party's applications:

The only ERP for SMEs that can easily integrate with other 3rd party's Apps.  This provide the maximum flexibility for users to choose the front end applications that most suit them and application data can then be sync to the ERP system.  It will reduce significant amount of cost in customisation.


Various theme are available for customer to choose from.  Couple with the soothing colours, the letters and figures are large and easy to read.   Customers can request to make changes to the colours.


Hybrid Systems

The system can be installed on cloud, private cloud or on-premises servers   Users can opt for the type of installation and may opt to switch later.  All the data can be ported to the new servers.  This provide great flexibility to the users preference.

Cater For All Sizes of SMEs and Businesses

Unlike other ERP systems, we have configure our ERP system into different standard systems suitable for very small business such as micro enterprises and start up to SMEs size with hundreds of employees. We encourage new startup and micro enterprises to start using our ERP than to resort to use accounting system.  It is because our Business ERP is at the price point of Accounting system with more features and functions.

Compliance:  E-Tax Guides of IRAS, Ministry of Manpower

The Accounting System is able to generate the IAF which complies to the GST Tax codes as required by Singapore's Tax Authority.  Preparing and monitoring of GST and Taxes are very simple and easy.  It does not need an Accountant to prepare.

Not only Singapore, the system is very flexible and the taxes can be set by the users to suit most of the countries tax requirements.